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TRENOExport Details
In its latest version, TRENOExport handles:

Courses including Initial Speed, Speedtype and the Trainset)
Initial Delay distributions derived directly from real traffic data for each individual train, aggregated for train families, modified (multiplying/dividing the real distributions), or defined as mathematical distributions (Log-logistic, Negative Exponential, …)

Stop-time variability
A simple, but proven model recently developed and presented at important conferences is used to cope with the functionalities of OpenTrack in reproducing stop-time variability at intermediate stations.

Connections between trains.

Turnaround of trainsets on the basis of vehicle scheduling imported from other software or defined directly in TRENO using a platform occupation view.

Shuntings of trainsets to/from depots are created graphically in the station occupation window or imported as an excel table.

Itineraries The itinerary for each train is defined based on paths defined in OpenTrack and the platform assignment imported from third-party software or directly in TRENO using a platform occupation view (for single trains) or user-defined rules.

Lower priority itineraries to consider different routing in complex infrastructures.

Alternative itineraries to allow automatic crossings on single-track lines.