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Planning and operating complex railway networks requires great accuracy. And is very time consuming. These activities may benefit from the use of the following tools, which were initially developed internally by LIFT and now may be selled by LIFT in respect to a commercial agreement with the software company named TrenoLab.


TRENOPlus is a powerful timetable planning tool developed to simplify the planning process maximizing productivity. It appears as the most recent and innovative timetable planning tool which offers a full range of tools and outputs that support planners at the different levels of timetable planning.


TRENOAnalysis explores real and simulated railway traffic data, automatically pointing out critical points and estimating reliability indicators, representing them using a wide range of diagrams and statistics at different aggregation levels.


With TRENOExport, simulating large networks with OpenTrackTM is simple and the probability of errors is minimized. TRENOExport dramatically simplifies preparation of micro-simulation models. Once the infrastructure model is created with TRENOExport, you can automatically define all datasets and parameters to be used in the simulation with OpenTrackTM.

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