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Bringing Railway Simulation
to a New Level of Performance



TRENOPlus, TRENOExport and TRENOAnalysis, combined with OpenTrack, are the perfect integrated tools for planning, analysis and simulation: taking advantage of their seamless integration planners can analyze real traffic data, plan or improve timetables, test them using the most accurate simulation model and finally view the results in various attractive diagrams.
In an integrated workflow, planners can:

1) Import and analyze real operational data (TRENOAnalysis);
2) Modify or create a new timetable (TRENOPlus);
3) Prepare data for simulation, including delay distributions (TRENOExport);
4) Export data to OpenTrack (TRENOExport);
5) Perform multiple simulations (OpenTrackTM);
6) Compare simulated scenarios (TRENOAnalysis).

This integrated approach appears beyond any doubt to be the best one for planning and testing timetables, leading to a sensible reduction of the time required to perform a study and also to a consistent improvement in the level of detail.