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The required objectives in terms of capacity and travel times can be reached through several combinations of Infrastructure and signaling design (investments), services (timetable) and rolling stock. Usually the quality of available data and information is quite low therefore macroscopic or at least mesoscopic approach may be more suitable.
Moreover long term large investments may be realized using a step by step approach, solving bottlenecks and avoiding un-useful expenses. This approach allows to gain benefits also in short and medium term and to minimize the risks concerned to traffic forecasts.

A well-designed network allows forecasted traffic to flow with minimum perturbation, avoiding unnecessary construction in order to minimize costs.From the long-term functional design of large projects, to gradual improvement plans to increase capacity and to small, punctual interventions that allow operating a higher number of services, LIFT supports planners with highest involvement.

When an existing line or network has to be improved, LIFT suggests, defines the requirements and tests the interventions, comparing the performances of multiple scenarios to operate the forecasted number of services.

The methods specifically developed at LIFT consider the trade-off between capacity and service reliability in long-term planning to estimate requirements with high precision. The result is a very effective investment.

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